Jobsite and Onsite Occupational Safety Inspections & Assessments

Hazard, safety, OSHA and construction site inspections and assessments to help your company work risk free

The risk management industry recognizes that there are only four choices for managing risk:

  • Eliminate the risk
  • Minimize the risk
  • Make another entity responsible for the risk (risk transfer)
  • Accept the risk

Before an organization can begin to address or improve its health and safety needs, resolve a non-compliance issue, or get on track for continuous improvement, it must know exactly where it stands now. Occupational Safety Consultants provides a full compliment of assessment services, including:

Compliance Assessments, Risk Management Audits and Process Evaluations

  • Development and implementation of strategic action plans
  • Conduct audits and assist in developing appropriate risk management programs
  • Assist with your current insurance programs
  • Improve compliance with OSHA standards
  • Recordkeeping assistance (OSHA 300 log)
  • Assist with sub-contractor management

Site Assessments, Inspections and Investigations

  • Job hazard assessments
  • Construction site risk assessments
  • Jobsite inspections
  • Industry site assessments
  • Risk exposure assessments
  • Machine guarding assessments
  • Conduct annual written inspections of chain slings, hoists, etc.