Construction and General Occupational and Workplace Safety Training Programs

Create a culture of safety with health, safety, OSHA and hazard training courses from Occupational Safety Consultants

Occupational Safety Consultants is one of New York State's most active training organizations. We provide a wide variety of onsite training for in general and construction industry. It is our ability and experience as trainers that set us apart from others.

We develop company-organizational-specific training programs, incorporating our client’s risk management processes. Then, we present the information in a manner that focuses on adult learners. The adult learning techniques we use are specially designed to reach the student. Our approach anticipates that the knowledge they acquire will help them understand safe behaviors and assist them in making smart choices.

Onsite training and classes are designed for a variety of groups, including but not limited to individuals in a supervisory capacity, entry-level workers or any other relevant groups of employees.