Pete Moreau, Consultant/Trainer

Pete Moreau History, Background & Expertise
Mr. Moreau joined Occupational Safety Consultants in 2011. With over 35 years of industrial, utility and consulting experience, he has worked to ensure worker compliance with company safety and health rules, procedures and regulatory requirements and oversaw the long-term operation and maintenance of remedial systems at company waste sites. Pete has also managed Remediation Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS) at inactive hazardous waste sites, prepared Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), license applications and various permits for siting large utility construction projects (electric transmission lines, substations and gas pipelines).

Mr. Moreau has performed audits and evaluations of nuclear power manufacturers, instrument suppliers, NDE testing facilities and calibration laboratories for compliance with NRC regulations specified in 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, MIL-STD-45662 and U.S. EPA. He has knowledge of inspection techniques in the visual, electrical, and instrument and control disciplines per American National Standards Institute (ANSI). During his career, Mr. Moreau also worked for a not-for-profit research and development organization and a consulting engineering laboratory that provided consultation and analytical services to government, industry and university clients. He also worked as the test laboratory chemist for a resource recovery firm that specialized in developing processes for commercial resource recovery of metals in waste materials.

Industries & Markets Served

Government Agencies
Public Works Depts. & Utilities
Municipalities & Public Authorities
Nuclear Technology
Industry & Manufacturing
General Contractors
Hazard Waste Remediation
Colleges & Universities
Gas & Electrical Utilities
Oil & Gas

Knowledge Base

Emergency Response
Accident Investigation
Construction Safety
Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Waste Operations
Emergency Response
Program Assessment
Respiratory Protection
First Aid/CPR
Trenching & Excavation
Work Zone Traffic Control
Training & Procedures
Incident Command
Confined Space Entry

Training Accreditations

  • OSHA Training Institute Course #301: Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems
  • OSHA Training Institute Course #510: Occupational Safety & Health Standards for the Construction
  • OSHA Training Institute Course #500: Trainer Course for the Construction Industry
  • State of New York DOH: Emergency Medical Technician
  • State of New York DOL Asbestos: Supervisor
  • State of New York DOL Asbestos: Inspector
  • State of New York DEC: Licensed Outdoor Guide
  • State of New York DMV: CDL Class A- Unrestricted
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: Construction Safety and Health Specialist Certificate Program
  • RWT: Railroad Worker Train-the-Trainer program

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